A) I think you`re referring to MCD, since you both signed a divorce agreement. McD can only be filed if the two parties to the marriage have been living separately for a year or more. However, she could go on leave from the court to file for divorce, as the case is exceptionally harsh for the petitioner. The Tribunal, after hearing from both parties, will make its submissions and findings and the merits of its case either by decree, provided that the decree does not take effect until one year from the date of marriage, or may, without prejudice, petitions that can be invoked at the end of that year, or essentially, the same facts as those invoked in support of the rejected petition. In your situation, you can either obtain a decree on the restoration of marital rights, where the court will order them to consummate their marriage and respect their marital rights. And if she doesn`t come to you, she`s not entitled to child support. As for her second marriage, this is only possible if she dissolves her first marriage by a divorce decree. Second marriage during the life of the first husband, the criminal provisions under the law, which boils down to bigamy u/s 494 CPI. So don`t worry that she`s leaving for a second marriage. Or if you think your wife wants to resume her marital duties, but her family prevents her from doing so, then in this situation, you can approach the High Court moving habeas corpus writ to bring her to justice after hearing the parties, make their observations and findings and give her custody of the husband. For the filing of rcr or Writ petition, contact a local lawyer from Vidhikarya.

58. SURRENDER OF LEASE, including an agreement to transfer the lease – (a) without consideration; Two hundred rupees (b) taking into account. The same right that can be collected in clauses (a), (c) or (d) of article 25 on the amount of consideration. Statement.- For the purposes of this article, the return of the money paid on bail to the lessor to the lessor is not considered a meal for the rebate. STAMPS TO BE USED – No – Judic ial Stamp Paper, Article 6 or Impressed Label/Special Adhesive Stamp [see rules 10 – 11.] for refunding advanced or advanced money, by loan or by an existing or future debt – (2) The deposit, pawning or mortgage of personal property, if that mortgage, a deposit or a mortgage is as collateral for the repayment of an advanced loan or a pre-existing or future debt – The same obligation that may be imposed on a mortgage within the meaning of section 40, point b).

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