Floatopia is known for bringing out a unique beach experience for locals and tourists. Thousands of people gather together with their crazy floaties. As fun as it looks, you may ask yourself, “who is going to clean up all the mess?” Well, that’s a great question. Check out some photos live from the event from the people participating and also from the efforts of local organizations teaming up to keep our beach clean. They happily walked around educating people on why styrofoam containers aren’t legal on the beach and the harm they cause our environment. Spreading awareness on how to recycle, where to recycle and so much more. Their efforts definitely are appreciated and they were able to confinscate over 12 styrofoam containers and provide Floatopians with reusable coolers sponsered by Coca Cola with “Miami Beach” written on them. Buckets were strategically placed in between each group of people every few feet so that there was no excuse as to why they couldn’t throw their trash away. Instead of picking up the trash for people, we asked them if they could place their trash into these buckets labeled “TRASH” and we would empty it for them.

Also, two little girsl came with their dad today to help spread the word. They had so much fun pulling a water floatie labeled ” TRASH ” to collect empty beer cans, soda cans and more. Instead of letting them sink to the bottom of the ocean. We only covered a very small part of the beach South Of Fifth right at the entrace of South Pointe Drive but we did get a lot done. We are always looking for volunteers, this is our home, let’s keep it clean together as a community. One of the biggest reasons besides keeping the look of this beautiful earth clean, is to help keep the marine life safe. Any little plastic bag, bottle cap, etc. can lead to a death of any marine life. It is us up to us to make sure the things we use as a convenience are taken care of properly.

As a food blogger, you know I had to take some pics of the food floaties! Donuts and pretzels, YUM!

We love having fun community events on our beaches such as Floatopia, as long as we are resposible and clean up after ourselves. Many people today were so nice and helpful it was like a breath of fresh air. It’s so great to see so many people happy that we were out there trying to make difference. Many people didn’t even know styrofoam containers were illegal and can get you a whopping $100 fine. Let’s just say, we saved them over $1200 in fines today.

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Special thanks to all of our helping hands today, you guys are the best.

To name a few: (sorry if I forgot anyone, just let me know so I can add their names.)
Michael DeFilippi – Clean Up Miami Beach – Founder / Organizer
David Doebler – Volunteer Clean Up
Caiti Promerance -Debris Free Oceans – Co/Founder Board President
Saira Fida – Debris Free Oceans : Treasurer / Co Founder
Jeremy Walks – Debris Free Oceans – Director of Development
Tracy Nolan – Debris Free Oceans – Educational Director
Nathan Laxague – Debris Free Oceans – Scientific Director
Dara Schoenwald – Volunteer Clean Up
Steve Vicenti – Volunteer Clean UP

Photographer today:

Falen Whipple – Wanna Fork Lifestyle Blog/ Valet Tan Miami Spray Tan – Owner/Founder

To the members of Surf Rider that showed up and gave their helping hands, thank you!

Thanks to Floatopia for supporting our enviromental efforts, it is appreciated.

Thanks to Coca Cola for sponsoring our reusable coolers to replace the styrofoam “UN-Coolers.”

Participating Organizations:

Green Team Floatopia
Clean Up Miami Beach
Volunteer Clean Up
Debris Free Oceans

Update: Sunday 4/19/2015

The clean up crew that volunteered could only do so much. My mid afternoon the crowd had doubled, the trash had multiplied beyond belief. This morning locals went to their beach early in the morning only to find a massive amount of trash, floaties, abandonned umbrellas and more.

Some volunteers went out to help clean up, shocked by what they saw. They began posting pictures of the herendous aftermath. Only to find a few county workers. Where was the “green team” that Floatopia said they had? Where was their clean up crew? No where to be found. This may be a bold statement but they should be fined for the amount of trash left behind and lack of responsibility. I had even went out there myself at 9:30 am until about noon picking up beer cans, pizza boxes, beer caps, straws, towels, floaties and so much more. It took me and 3 other women to pull an abandonned floatie out of the sand. It had been there over night and was so heavy. They saw me digging sand from being on top of it and then generously helped me. Then I had to walk over to the lifeguard stand at 2nd st. to help me. They actually weren’t to responsive. Then another guy came and I basically begged him to drive his four wheeler over there to pull the floatie to the nearest trash bin. I was shocked at their lack of motivation to help. I guess it’s “not their job.” Well, it’s not my job either but I can’t stand the thought of all that going into the oceans. If the city of Miami Beach is aware of such a large event they should be implenting rules and enforcing them.

I was happy yesterday to see the efforts of local organizations trying to help but there is only so much a group of 15-20 people can do when there are thousands of people partying and carelessly throwing their trash everywhere. I wish I could be more positive about this floatopia event but until they regulate the literring issue then I can’t support this event. I hope they can figure out a way to make sure the ocean and local land areas are protected from such debris and disrespect. With this blog I have a voice to tell the true story. It’s disgusting and makes me SO sad that so many people could care less. People want to enjoy a clean beach but don’t want to help take care of it. So many people don’t even deserve to use our beaches. Would they want us to come to their neighborhoods and leave trash everywhere? I doubt it.

Above you see photos during the event, now here are photos AFTER the event.

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