Welcome to my series New York Needs to Know. Having just had my 5 year New York-iversary, I have become privy to a few tips and tricks to make life here easier. In regular conversation, I can drop these suggestions or steer you in the right direction, whether it be where to get a bikini wax, where to eat a non-pretentious meal in Tribeca, or what to eat at Smorgasburg. This is the best way I could think of to organize them all and make them digestible for you.

New York, you need to know about Hello Beautiful Salon. Tucked away inside the mini-mall on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, this salon makes the walk down Bedford Ave worth it (though I still shudder thinking of the bro-scape down that once-thrilling street). My discovery of this salon was due to a hair-disaster in May, when my long-time stylist double processed and fried my hair and I had to find somewhere to put in extensions. I was in a STATE when I called, and Chris (my new amazing stylist) answered the phone and was super helpful and put me at ease – at least as much was humanly possible. I was able to get in right away, because apparently you guys DON’T KNOW THAT THIS PLACE IS THE ILLEST.

Upon arriving, my first impression was oh, this is what it looks like if you let Betsy Johnson and The Blonds decorate for you – which I happen to love.

It’s pink and animal print and floral everything, with a shop up front that sells everything from beauty supplies, unique glam accessories and the occasional killer outfit.

This isn’t a salon where the stylists are in an all black uniform of whatever American Apparel/H&M had in-stock. Every stylist dresses as they please and I love that – you can see their personality dripping from their pores, I think that really helps level with them and communicate freely.

The music is from whoever got their phone attached to the speaker first, so it could be a Sublime-throwback, Danity Kane, Banks, Slayer, etc. The owner Rebecca is a huge reason why their salon-culture is so dope. She literally treats everyone, her employees and her clients, as family. My first visit in, she had brought in some homemade spanish food, and as soon as I sat down I was handed a plate of food. Did you hear me? THEY FED ME. FOOD. Might as well have shot me with cupid’s arrow. This wasn’t an anomaly – everytime I have been there, I spend however long my hair takes (still in the throws of my disaster) chatting with them all, in that really cool salon-from-a-movie type of way. Gossiping, eating ice cream cake, singing Selena Gomez, whatevs.

This place isn’t for everyone – they aren’t going to give you some conservative cut and foil your hair into a Bergdorf Blonde. BUT If you are digging Miley and you feel like 1990’s Gwen Stefani was the slickest, this might be the greatest salon you’ve ever not known. They specialize in unique colors, so expect to see people in the chairs with pink, purple, green, and every-color-in-between hair! Not only do they do great color, but they do really amazing cuts as well. The prices are VERY reasonable, and they accept credit cards, moi importante. Just don’t be a tool and bring cash for your tip.

Bonus – the crazy-talented Jessica Tong has a residence here, slaying nail design left and right. Treat yo’ self with the money you save NOT paying $150 for a single process and get some sweet nails that will stop girls in their tracks on the street. Yeaaaah boo, my nails are fire.

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