Welcome to the first in my series New York Needs to Know. Having just had my 5 year New York-iversary, I have become privy to a few tips and tricks to make life here easier. In regular conversation, I can drop these suggestions or steer you in the right direction, whether it be where to get a bikini wax, where to eat a non-pretentious meal in Tribeca, or what to eat at Smorgasburg. This is the best way I could think of to organize them all and make them digestible for you.

So. Here goes.

New York, you need to know about MAPLE.

Maple is a delivery food service, currently only available in the financial district, that brings you lunch and dinner at a flat rate daily. They have a rotating menu with 3 options for lunch and dinner – all high-quality ingredients and usually pretty healthy. There is always a vegetarian option, AND the price includes tax and tip. That’s right. Gone are the days of ordering Seamless with your coworkers and having someone give you $10 for their $9.95 sandwich and thinking that’s acceptable. It’s $12 for lunch and $15 for dinner, every day, no matter which item you pick. They have a mobile app on Android and iPhone, and you can use thier desktop site as well – and subscribe to their emails so you get the menus sent to you right away. Maple took a page from Domino’s and has a delivery tracker that includes 3 animated steps so you know exactly when your order is received, your food is being prepared, and when it’s on its way from their kitchen to your door. I’ve never waited more than 30 minutes for my food, and sometimes its closer to 10 minutes.

I’m a big fan, and I’ve posted a few of their meals to our Instagram page. If you live or work in downtown Manhattan, you should absolutely give them a try. Just make sure you order early, as the best meals tend to get sold out by about 12/12:30PM.

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