The Vagabond has gone through various iterations and I always get confused about which of the Vagabonds is being discussed. Between the two and variations thereof, this one, the Vagabond Restaurant & Bar, is my favorite.

Visually, the round bar is enticing and lets you look at everyone… something that is always important for me when I contemplate seating. The open layout of the space is really clean and airy while the garden seating outside is a really nice suprise. They are doing a pretty cool Sunday event called “A Family Affair”. It’s a great idea that allows the chef, Alex Chang, to focus on providing a reasonably priced Sunday Night Dinner for the family and not have to worry about a large menu.

Each week Chef Chang comes up with a new themed dinner and new people show up to be part of your “extended” family. It’s not just family servings… It’s also family seating. Everyone sits on long tables with people that they don’t know, allowing you to meet new people.The theme on the 10/18 kickoff was “Steakhouse”. The very friendly and attentive waiters started us off with Warm Parker House Rolls. These rolls! Combined with the high quality butter with sea salt sprinkled on top were a perfect start to the meal. I would have kept eating them, but fortunately a super fresh and crips salad appeared that was refreshingly satisfying. The salad had Chicories with Blue Cheese, baby tomatoes, yogurt dressing, and herbs to finish it off. This actually was my favorite part of this meal!

I should mention the Dirty Thyme Martini that I had to wet my whistle. It had a thyme and peppercorn infused Vodka that really showcased the Thyme with a capital T! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Definitely something to order again.

Holding true to the theme of the night, the salad was followed by a Grilled Boneless Short Rib with Béarnaise Sauce, French Fries, and Creamed Escarole. The choice of cut for the steak was pretty novel and while interesting, was not really my cup of tea, but your taste may vary. Definitely worth giving that cut a try to see where you lay on that. The Béarnaise though was absolutely a winner, as was the Escarole!

No family dinner would be complete without dessert! We had an interesting version of strawberry shortcake with Shortbread and strawberries. I see where this was going, but it was a little too dry for me. I think I should have asked them for some syrup or something… that would have made it perfect!

While I love the concept, I think in practice, I will want to go back a few times to see how it is progressing…. Just like real family ;-). During the week though, the young chef is doing an interesting Mexican Chinese fusion which I can’t wait to try!

Vagabond Restaurant & Bar
7301 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33138
(786) 409-5635

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