Much like prohibition-style speakeasies, the NY foodie scene is flush with private supper clubs and pop-up restaurants, and likely any major city you visit. Dinner Lab, the New Orleans born members-only roaming dinner series, started off when a group of friends couldn’t find a decent late night meal. Now in 34 cities, Dinner Lab is the supper club force to be reckoned with, even hosting the infamous White Wedding of Beyonce’s sister, Solange.

Dinner Lab is special because there is no typical Dinner Lab event. There are dinners twice a week (and the occasional brunch), prepared by chefs both well-known and obscure. The dinners are located in warehouses in Bushwich, helipads, factories, piers, car dealerships, and in my experience – a photo studio. Diners meet the chef, talk to the somelier, and leave candid feedback on cards at the end of each meal. If an event is a hit, the chef is rewarded by being brought to additional cities to throw more dinners to a new crowd.

Wanna Fork was invited to attend a Dinner Lab on July 14th, at Home Studios in Flatiron. The chef was Matt Weingarten, the Culinary Director at Dig Inn. I was pretty excited about that – if you follow us on Instagram, you know that most #EatWithBino posts are centered around fresh, organic and healthy cuisine. This is a core value of Dig Inn, who serve menus that change based on seasonal cooking, so I knew I was in for a treat! The menu was a summer theme, with ingredients like melon, summer squash, clams, corn, and cherries making multiple appearances.

The venue:

Our drinks:

Our menu, meal, and feedback card:

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