Every week, Brooklyn is flooded with 5000+ people a day, as they meander the aisles of food tents known as Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights. From 11-6 on Saturdays and Sundays, you can choose from anywhere from 75-100 vendors that offer specialty honeys, teriaki balls, pizza, and everything else in between. I’m a veteran of Smorgasburg, and while some vendors are mainstays of the food market, there are new ones every year to choose from. So how does one pick from the incredible options? Do you go with well established restaurants and food trucks like Red Hook Lobster, Dough, and Mighty Quinn’s, or do you try lesser-known gambles like Outer Borough, Sunday Gravy or Bolivian Llama Party?

I don’t have all the answers, but I am here to help. Throughout the season, I will be sacrificing myself for you, our readers, and giving you my reviews of various Smorgasburg vendors, one weekend at a time.

This weekend, I was celebrating my anniversary with my fantastic and hungry boyfriend (hi Joe!) and decided to start off our day the way fancy people do – Oysters! A better choice has never been made. According to Brooklyn Oyster Party, oysters wake you up through a physiological response. You are connected to the where the sea meets land, and it evokes a joyful feeling. Joe and I were already pretty happy being in the sunshine amongst NYs finest food proveyors, but there is nothing wrong with a little extra happy!

Brooklyn Oyster Party is shucking oysters fresh every weekend, with an always busy tent and a catering business on the side (if anyone is using them at their next event, I’ll take an invite).

They usually have 3 varieties to choose from at Smorgasburg, and this weekend was no different with 2 east coast and 1 west coast on the menu. Joe and I were living large because of the special occasion, and we went with the half dozen 2-of-each order.

The Brooklyn Oyster Party staff is super friendly and helpful, and will take the time to answer all your oyster-related questions. They even threw an extra on our dish when they saw one of the Sister Points was on the small side. Their philosophy is that oysters make people happy, and as oyster specialists, they are in turn, happiness specialists.

Their tent is spotless, with an excessive amount of ice, gloves, and fresh tools, everything you need to feel comfortable that your al fresco oyster experience won’t cause regret later.

My first bite:

It was buttery and briney, just the way I like ’em. And they were right, Joe and I were positively giddy after finishing our half dozen, and completely primed to slay the rest of Smorgaburg. 2 hours and $60 later, we rolled ourselves back to our brownstone, content and full. Till next time, Smorgasburg!

And a final look at our beloved watertower installation from Tom Fruin:

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