If you are a tenant, there are certain responsibilities that you or your landlord may have, which vary depending on the type of rent you have. However, the basic rules are always the same. We can then use these properties to reduce demand on Council waiting lists, while increasing the number of quality housing available to local people. More than 9,000 people and families are in Wigan`s apartment book waiting for a council house in town – 60 more rooms than two years ago. Next year`s increase, which will first have to be ratified by all city councillors at a meeting in December, will result in an average weekly rent increase of $1.16 to $78.22. It is part of a major Manchester-wide programme, where councils enter into agreements with private owners to take over the management of their properties for an average of five years. As part of the move, Council housing tenants in Wigan will increase their rent by 1.5 per cent from April – one per cent above inflation and the maximum that the town hall can increase. “I am not satisfied, and if this is done in the General Council, I will vote against it.” Please note that if you have a license instead of a lease, you may not have all of these rights. Ask for advice if you are not sure if you are a tenant or licensee. The 21,676 tenants living in Council housing in the district are affected. The direction of Article 4 and the ELA not only contribute to building trust between the Council and the municipality, but they also indicate a new type of cooperation with the private sector, which is of the utmost importance for ensuring quality housing for all in balanced residential areas. Now, councils can raise the rent of social housing by maximum inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in September, plus 1pc.

Of the 9,079 current applications for a council house, 523 people awaiting housing are urgently needed – an increase of 187 units compared to 2018. She said: “We are also working hard to increase our membership of the Council, and we have a series of new developments that are expected to begin next year to meet the growing demand we are seeing. Last year, the city council could have increased the rent for 2020/21 by 2.7%. He said: “Council recognises that these families are struggling financially and are considering increasing rents. He said: “This increase is for workers who pay full rents in council real estate, and in this trial time this year, we would have to freeze to give people a chance to get back on track and a little bit of support.” She said, “Our teams are working tirelessly to do everything they can to help tenants, but the reality is that there is not enough Council housing to meet the demand we see — before Covid — and that has been accelerated over the last six months.” Ms. Willmott said the Council was looking at ways to increase the housing stock. The long-term impact of the Right to Buy program has reduced the number of Council properties from 37,396 to 21,737, a loss of 42 units since 1981. The provision of quality and affordable housing is one of the main priorities for us as a Council. We are committed to helping existing residents find suitable housing for them, while encouraging others to move to our neighbourhood. Tony Clarke, Deputy Director of Finance at the Council, said: “This small increase is being reinvested in existing homes to ensure they can be preserved and allows us to increase our housing stock to meet demand. The $12 million generated by the rent increase is invested in council houses and helps the Council rebuild its housing stock.

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