Wanna know who is forkin’ around in a city near you? Here’s the scoop on our WannaFORK contributers. Everyone has their own interesets but the one thing we all have in common, is our love for food. If you want one of our food-crazed, awesome contributors to attend your next Food Festival, Foodie Event & More, Let us know! Maybe you’re featuring a new dish and you want to spread the word, that’s what we are here for. Send us an E-Mail and let us know which city you’re in!


South Beach | Miami, FL

I’m Fork-real.

“I’m Fay, the creator of Wanna FORK. I’ve always been surrounded by food my whole life. It was always the epicenter to a great family party, a friendly get together or a romantic evening. I’ve literally been in the kitchen since I was a kid. I rememeber making pancakes with my gramma once and her fake teeth fell out into the batter. I still ate the cakes, incase anyone was wondering. I love food, traveling and my french bulldog named Duke.

I own a successful spray tanning business that funds my increasing food habits. I really don’t mind spending a good amount of money on some good food, but nothin’ worse then spending any amount of money on terrible food and unacceptable service. I’m just here to guide you in the right direction. Remember, this is just my opinion.
I encourage EVERYONE to try things on their own and don’t always listen to what someone else says. You never know, you may like something that I don’t. I will be honest no matter if I’m giving a positive or negative opinion of a restaurant or experience. ”


Cobble Hill | Brooklyn, NY


“I’m Melody Gambino, aka Bino, marketing guru for most of my adult life but in my downtime you may catch me in my home-made costumes at your favorite music festival. What more do you need in life other than listening to awesome music and eating amazing food from a truck with your friends?
As an Italian woman, food is the heart and the sticky glue of the family. I love finding new restaurants to try and also returning to the ones that I already love. Living in Cobble Hill, I’m quite spoiled with amazing restaurants on every corner. If you got what it takes, you stay. If you don’t, there is no room for mediocrity here on these streets. I am looking forward to sharing my favorite NYC hot spots from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
I can’t forget to mention that I am the mother of Pia the wonderpuggle. She enjoys eating too, just like her mama. I’m sure she will make a cameo or two on some future posts. Food is supposed to be an enjoyment so when dining out, service and quality are key. If there is an ambiance that compliments it, even better.

Falen Whipple, Founder


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Melody Gambino, NYC Contributer


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