There is a reason Quattro has rightfully earned the title of “Lincoln Road’s gem.” Located on a busy outdoor strip being surrounded by trendy clothing stores and cheesy South Beach Tourist trap style restaurants. Honestly, you wouldn’t expect to find such a palette pleasing menu from start to finish with such educated and friendly staff in a place like this. Locals tend to steer away from over saturated tourist areas when it comes to eating a good meal. Well, Quattro has broke the mold with their authentic Italian cuisine inspired from Northern Italian culinary traditions. You can have your cake and it eat it too when you choose to dine here for lunch or for dinner. You can dine inside at cozy table or enjoy some people watching outside.

Miami Spice only comes around once a year and it’s your time to try some new places and some old faves for a great price. I always encourage people to try something new and always go back to a place where you love to dine so you can get the best fork session for your buck. I love when a restaurant adds some of their best items to the spice menu. That’s how you know if a restaurant is even worth going or not. This is the time for the restaurant to show off a little and open the flood doors for more people to try their food. You bet they will come back if they try something and they love it. Quattro out did themselves with this menu. A perfect balance of light menu options and then the more heavier Italian dishes to choose from. Don’t get it twisted though, the light options are still flavorful and satisfying as the heavier choices.

I’m a carb-a-holic, carb-addict, carb-lover, whatever you wanna call it, that’s me. I love carbs. So, naturally the fried calamari and zucchini had me from the get go. I saw that on the menu and I was like “thank you carb Gods!” The zucchini and fried calamari was cooked to perfection with a crispy shell ready to be dipped in a mild spiced marinara, then be introduced to your tongue for the ultimate food-gasm. Don’t stop there. Try the crispy saffron rice balls stuffed with green peas and creamy beef ragu. The rice balls are on the lunch menu, so you’re going to have to come back for those! Oh no you didn’t, oh YES I DID. I can’t even decide which I like better, so I would make two trips to Quattro, just because I can. If you’re not into the whole carb thing and you have a bikini you need to fit into tomorrow afternoon for the pool party, opt for the salad. You won’t be sorry, it’s fresh and full of flavor. I would go for the roasted beet and goat cheese salad with the multicolor tomatoes mixed with some arugula.

Now it’s time for the main squeeze. As far as dinner goes, I’m going for the pasta. Are you surprised? Didn’t think so. I love orecchiette, it was love at first taste. Italian sausage, broccolini and cherry tomatoes plus orecchiette is the perfect combo. It’s not too heavy yet its full of flavor from the sausage and oils being bonded together in one big bowl of edible happiness. For the light lunch to keep you going for the rest of the day, order the grilled swordfish with lemon sauce and sautéed spinach. No lack of flavor there, thats for sure. A generous portion of perfectly grilled swordfish to satisfy your mid day hunger pains.

No Italian meal is complete without a decadent slice of home made Tiramisu. For lunch, that’s the only choice you have and that’s okay. (No complaints here.) At dinner time, you’ll have two other options on the Miami Spice menu. Vanilla panna cotta topped with Nutella or the puff pastry with chocolate and custard cream. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite, please. I can’t even do it. How can I choose between chocolate and Nutella? That is just evil. The staff at Quattro are there to help you with anything you’re not sure about. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for recommendations. They are friendly and have extensive knowledge of the establishment they work in.

I know Miami Spice can be overwhelming but don’t stress. I have curated a “How To Do Miami Spice The Right Way” guide to make sure you get the most out of your Miami Spice experience. One thing I didn’t mention and I’m going to tell you now. If you’re going out with friends, a lover, a family member etc. make sure you order different things so you can all share. I know some people don’t like to share their food with people, those people can’t be my friend. I love to share and try everything, that’s the best part of going out with someone else. So don’t be greedy, don’t be shy, order different things and fork it up.



Come back to Quattro in the fall for the truffle season, thank me later. Fresh Alba truffles straight from the mother land, to make your tongue and glands do a happy dance.