It’s time to ditch the white linen covered tables and the big fancy menus. The only thing you need to know is what date and what time, the rest is already taken care of for you. Dining with Dinner lab offers an experience that is similar to the growing trend of private suppers clubs and pop up restaurants all over the country. All the foodies in any major city are salivating over this unique and intimate experience. For the record, you can experience Dinner Lab in many other cities all over the country, not just Miami. So put that napkin on your lap, the fork in your hand and open your mind for foodgasms and instafood pics to share with your friends to make them say “where is my invite?”

What is it? Basically, Dinner Lab plans a secret location that is released to you the day before the date of the dinner. They let you know what time it starts ahead of time so you can properly plan. You should plan to participate at least 2-3 hours. The locations vary between art galleries, heliports, photo studios and more. You never know what setting you’ll be eating in, but you can count on it being unique and entertaining. The menu is created by the chef along side the food there will be cocktail or wine pairings for certain courses. My favorite course for this particular Dinner Lab event was the white gazpacho and steamed little neck clams, with cucumber, grape, almonds and paprika oil paired with Pinot Grigio. After each course there is a comment card with rating system from 1-5 that lets you rate the dish you just tried. You can state your honest opinion if you would change anything or would you order this in a restaurant. Pretty cool, huh? You even get to rate your experience with the other guests at your table.

How can I get into this? Well, you can sign up for the membership which usually starts at $175. The $175 is the membership for the year that gives you the invites to their events. Then tickets for each event usually starts are $65 per person. The ticket price includes all drinks, the meal and gratuity. Not bad right? My first experience with Dinner Lab was located in Miami Ironside building in the Design District. We were inside of a double decker open format art studio that had this industrial vibe to it. I loved it. This is definitely something fun to do and definitely something different to do if you’re trying to spice up your dining life. Sometimes they even do brunch. Can’t wait to try that!

Check out some photos from my night out with Dinner Lab and if you want to sign up here is a link for $20 credit off your first membership!

Chef:  Chris Gianfreda
Location:  Miami Ironside

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