Provide end-users with the expectation of quality of service they can expect; that they receive the name (s) with which the services are known, as well as all the unique reference codes that link it to the service catalogue/CMDB, when the medico-scientific laboratory supports services either by an external provider (for example. B access to the Internet or a service provider) or by the owning organization (for example. B human resources or logistics), appropriate SLAs must be agreed with the supplier. This type of agreement is used for individual customers and includes all relevant services that a customer may need when using only one contract. It contains details about the nature and quality of the agreed service. A telecommunications service includes voice calls. B, messaging and Internet services, but they are all covered by a single contract. A description of the activities of the service (s) and ALS assistance provide a reliable source of information for the agreement An example is the fact that an organization is requesting that the level of security be strengthened in one of its services. In this situation, the entire company is secured by a security agency, but requires that one of its customers be safer in the company for certain reasons.

A Service Level Contract (SLA) is part of a service contract that formally defines the level of service provided by the Digital Forensic Pathology Laboratory. ALS is sometimes used to refer to the contractual delivery time for services offered by the Media Laboratory (usually called “Turn Round Time”) or for the quality of work. ALS should be considered early in the planning and development process to ensure that the Medical Laboratory is structured at the appropriate level. Service providers generally include SLAs under the terms of their contracts with customers to define the level of service provided in plain language, in terms that are easy to understand. All metrics in ALS must be measurable and tested regularly. As a general rule, the ALA will also decry corrective action and all penalties that will take effect when the service provided falls below the established standard. ALS is an essential part of the legal contract between the forensics laboratory and the client. The actual structure of ALS will depend on the services of the forensic laboratory, but the overall structure of the agreement is: level of service that covers the needs for certain services.

This is the lowest level and can be used if a particular service has requirements and service levels that differ from the standard for the company or for a customer. SLAs have a definite purpose. This is a goal that should be greater than ensuring that all contractual and service objectives are consistently met. Perhaps you have heard the phrase “Honor the spirit of the Treaty” – well, it is the same for the SLAs. Service continuity requirements, including the target time for service restoration and the target time for restoring normal service levels.

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