Canadian Side : Niagara Falls, Canada

To be honest Niagara Falls has always been a place I visited when I was a child on our field trips in school. I brought my best friends from NYC here once on a mini road trip from Brooklyn and it was middle of winter, FREEZING! Most recently I brought my boyfriend (Christian) here during Christmas 2014. Considering that he is from Australia, I had to show him one of America’s biggest tourist trap destinations. That’s exactly what Niagara Falls is, a tourist trap. You will find chain museums, chain restaurants and people using the heck out of their selfie sticks. Besides all that chaos, the falls are beautiful.

During Christmas time they light them up with colorful lights at night time. It’s one of those places you go once to experience and you probably won’t go back. They have an awesome water tour called “Maid of the Mist.” You get as close to the falls as you can get. I definitely recommend people to go there at least once in your life but no need to make a whole weekend out of it. I hope you don’t mind me adding some pictures of my friends and people I meet along the way in my travels. They were there experiencing with me and I would like to share that with all of you! Some of the photos are from 2010 and 2014.

Enjoy the gallery!