Down and Dirty : Down Under 2014 Sydney, Australia

I was given the best birthday present ever by my boyfriend– 3 weeks in Sydney, Australia. Like most people in America, Australia is always on their “bucket list.” This was my first international flight and loved every second of it. I flew with Qantas and it was surprisingly accommodating. You gotta love the “help yourself” snack and beverage areas. When we got off the plane in Sydney, we were greeted by Christian’s father with a big bouquet of flowers and a “welcome home” balloon floating in the air.

I can describe the feeling of anxiousness and excitement as we got in the car and I noticed his dad on the “opposite” side of the car beginning to drive on the “wrong” side of the road. And that’s when my amazing Australian trip had really began. Enjoy my gallery of photos with my boyfriend and his family as they showed me around their home land. From feeding kangaroos, cuddling koalas, exploring dark caves and getting my toes sandy on the world famous Bondi Beach, there is a little something for everyone. – Fay

Enjoy my gallery of photos