Country Side : Western NY

May 4, 2015 | Falen Whipple @faystar

As we grow older, some of us to choose to live in bigger cities that are always buzzing with a diverse community filled with all types of restaurants and entertainment. When you leave your small town and become acquainted with a new lifestyle and convenience is right there outside your door, you tend to forget the simple things in life that a small town has to offer. I’ve lived in NYC (all over Brooklyn to be exact) and all over Florida and now planted in Miami Beach (right in the heart of South Beach). I’ve traveled all over California, Colorado and even traveled to Sydney, Australia last fall. I’ve experienced different elements of American culture and there are things I cherish that I can only get in a big city (like delivery at 2 am when I am hungry) and the small town charm of knowing everyone you see. When my family had a tragedy the small town community pulled together so much it touched my heart. Even though something tragic brought me home this time around, I still wanted to enjoy the time I had here with my family and friends.Eating at some of our favorite local restaurants who grow their own food and farm their own animals giving their consumers the freshest dishes. Enjoying the outdoors at Lake Lane Getaway trying to catch fish, even though the kids caught over 20 frogs and stuffed them in a bucket. (Don’t worry, they released them back to their habitat.)Enjoy some photos from Lake Lane Getaway where we tried fishing and didn’t catch anything but 20 or more frogs in a bucket. There were some gentlemen there who had caught about 5 or more fish ranging from Bass, trout and more. Perfect to take your kids or just to have some “me” time with your buddies.

Lake Lane has lodging available if you just want to hang out and enjoy the peaceful outdoors. Don’t mind their 2 chickens grazing the country side.

The owners Sean and Hannah have their very own bait shop to accomadate your fishing needs. With plans for growth of a cafe, more lodging and activities this is going to be one of Western NY’s most beautiful getaways with out a doubt.

You may even see her youngest daughter Mindy rolling through on their four wheeler. There are trails all over the place. Bring your four wheeler and your fishing pole for a day of fun.

If you decide to stay at Lake Lane Getaway or maybe you’re just passing through and you’re getting a little hungry on Sunday morning, head on over to Sprague’s Maple Farms. They use the land to get home made authentic maple syrup to sweeten up your plate of hot cakes or delicious texas cut french toast with fresh berries and powdered sugar on top.

Make sure you order “the big tipper.” A plate of breakfast steak cooked just how you like it, eggs any way you want, home fries and two hot cakes. If you’re in the mood for some lunch, order the hot turkey sandwich that is a very generous in size. Two thick slices of soft bread with juicy and flavorful turkey smothered by their home made gravy and some mashed potatoes on the side.

After you eat some delicious country cooking, take a walk around the land of Sprague’s Maple Farms. There is a teepee, birds, swans swimming, statues, wood piles and you can actually see the blue hoses with the maple flowing through straight from the trees. A great place for some family photos.

A lot of families here have their own chickens running around their yards giving them freshest eggs. I wish I could have some chickens on my balcony in South Beach but I don’t think they can handle the heat, Haha. The kids love to play with the chicks and run around trying to catch them. So, we stopped at our friend’s house and raided their chicken coop.

I love living in big cities and all it has to offer but coming back to where I grew up and being in the fresh air playing with my nephew is priceless. Enjoyiong the outdoors is therapuetic and good for the soul. I even enjoyed fishing (yes, I touched the worms) and some four wheeling. I put my “mudders” on and wanted to sit on the grass and get dirty. As you can see, I got the big catch of seaweed…womp womp.

If you ever make it to Cattaraugus County in Western NY I hope this mini guide can give you an insight of what there is to do and where you should eat. I’ll be updating the list periodically.